3" thick Building Stone

Building Stone is a 3" thick full bed depth stone. It is designed to course out with 9.625" x 2.625" (3" x 10") common brick with out the need for any cutting of the stone except in precarious places. Building Stone installs with the same techniques as brick and scrap amounts are near zero, which means you order only what you need. Use 8.5" x 9.5" trim stones with Brick around all Entry Ways, Corners, Doors and Windows to give your job a custom look with out the cost of natural stone and the labor associated with it.

Building stone is also available in a thin version which installs with the same techniques as all other light weight stone veneers and lays up perfectly with our 3" x 10" Thin Brick.

Building Stone AntiqueBuilding Stone Chestnut
Building Stone MojaveBuilding Stone Smokey Grey

Flag Stone

Flagstones are individually selected for their distinct irregularity and unique smooth texture. We then hand craft each piece to aid in the ease of installation and to give the finished wall a natural beauty.

Split Face Flag AutumnSplit Face Flag Milo
Split Face Flag OklahomaSplit Face Flag Summer Sunset

Quick Dry Stack

Has seams produced in different combinations giving the illusion of individual pieces but the convenience of installing several ledgestones at one time. It has a rugged look with its rough texture and can be used to accommodate many projects. Quick Dry Stack Stone is designed to only be laid as a dry stack look.

Quick Dry Stack CarmelQuick Dry Stack Carolina
Quick Dry Stack Harvest GoldQuick Dry Stack Sand

Stack Stone

Individual pieced stone in classic elongated shapes with some imperfect edges designed to complement other building materials for a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Stacked stone is commonly used on interior and exterior walls as well as outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. Stack stone can be installed as a dry stack look or with a mortar joint.

Colorado Ledge CantonColorado Ledge Mist
Colorado Ledge MojaveColorado Ledge Sand

Texas Rubble

Beauty reflected in the randomness of each individual stone. This product is designed to course out with one another horizontally when laid with a tight mortar joint.

Texas Rubble CarolinaTexas Rubble Mist
Texas Rubble MochaTexas Rubble Sand

Photos represent general color ranges and surface textures of products. Precise color match to actual product may vary due to variations in monitors and printing techniques, please consult Cobble Rock & Stone to view actual products, or visit your nearest supplier/distributor.